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There are so many new things that inspire us every day. There is a creative fire in all of us that wants to free itself and take the form of a wonderful expression. A writer’s mind is a page full of words, a singer is waiting to unleash melody, an interior decorator is in awe of every piece crafted with beauty, and wishes to breathe life into a home with it! Whatever the artist, the art wants to come out in the form of an unforgettable expression. The ultimate “joy of creation” is born from this philosophy!

WELCOME TO CREATICITY - A wonderful platform that inspires everyone to become creators, and believes that innovative ideas belong to everyone. Creaticity makes the art of creating more exciting by helping everyone find meaning in co-creation. At Creaticity, we celebrate the consumer’s creativity, by recognizing and rewarding them. With the podium and offerings we have for them, expression becomes an art, ‘I want to do this’ becomes ‘I can do this’! Be it events, sports, knowledge, food, singing or just the simple execution of path-breaking ideas – Creaticity is the platform to come and explore your creative side.

We believe in giving you a canvas to express in a city that is brimming with creativity- Pune. Our sub-cities like Homecity, Playcity, Educity, Eventcity, and Foodcity promise you experiences like never before. Your expressions deserve a beautiful canvas, which can bring them to life. Creaticity is that canvas.

  • Creaticity - Best Place for hangout in Pune
  • Creaticity - Best Place for hangout in Pune
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  • 52,000 Home Decor Ideas. Everyone's a maker.
  • 100+ Reputed brands
  • Encompassing décor, furnishing, furniture, homeware
  • Design workshops and new product launches
  • Awards and recognitions
  • Home product shows and exhibitions
  • Design competitions
Creaticity - Foodcity


  • 27+ Cuisines. Tastebuds gone crazy.
  • World-class Cuisines – Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Muglai, Oriental, Lebanese, Continental, Thai, Italian and Mexican
  • All F&B outlets with high rating on Zomato
  • Food festivals where you can eat, meet, and shop together
  • Chef presentations that are enriching for foodies & cooks
  • Special events on baking, mixing, and more that allows Pune to celebrate rural & urban delicacies of India
  • 'Something' for everyone’s taste
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  • Events catering to all age groups happening each day
  • Sports, shopping, food, art, singing, culture, laughter and much more awaits you
  • Best brands and sponsors come together to offer enjoyable experiences
  • Events built around ‘co-creation’ where everyone feels valuable and appreciated
  • Creaticity events focus on community building, team bonding, entertainment, and learning
  • Big events are hosted at the grand amphitheatre on-campus
Creaticity - Educity


  • A platform for showcasing Indian talent and heritage through art
  • IACC - A one-of-a-kind community that nurtures, revives, and promotes art forms through performances and workshops
  • Educational seminars and workshops
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  • 14+ Sports - Everyone's a player.
  • Board games – Pool, Foosball, Table Tennis
  • Indoor Cricket
  • Indoor Football
  • Indoor Handball
  • Throwball
  • Professional coaching
  • Camps
  • Corporate matches
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