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While every room of the home is equally important, the living room always holds a special place. From welcoming its residents after a long hectic day to laying down the red carpet for guests, it’s the living room that forms the first impression on everyone. In fact, it is the only part of the home that is accessible to everyone who steps in. That’s why one needs to be even more careful while setting up the living room to have the perfect vibe. From furniture to décor and walls, every aspect of the living room needs to be looked at to ensure the perfect look and feel.

Creaticity, Pune’s biggest home and interior destination, brings together the perfect bouquet of all these elements to ensure that your living room has the most exclusive and refreshing look, to suit your personality. From a variety of brands that offer wide options in living room furniture to décor, accessories and wall art, everything is available under one roof, with expert advice, for you to take the right decision.

1. Sofa: This is the single-most-important piece of furniture in any home. It is the first place occupied by the guests and the most frequently used piece of furniture by the residents. Make sure you pick the right variants to have a decent seating capacity as per your usual flow of guests and the number of family members. The design, the texture, and the colour can be handpicked to match your taste. At Creaticity, choose from a wide range of American, European and Indian sofas. Depending on your preferences, you can also choose ottomans and chairs.

2. Tables and accessories: While seating is crucial, the different kinds of tables and storage spaces are equally important. A good center table is invaluable to the layout and utility of any living room. Make sure the shape and the size of the center table is neither too big, nor too small. A wooden top of a glass top should be chosen based on the usage of the tablespace. Additionally, thoughtfully placed side tables add great value to the seating and space.

3. Decor: Choosing the décor items to be placed in the living room is as much an art as it is a reflection of the mood you want to showcase. Bulky accessories need a specific ambience, while the minimalist ones create a specific tone. Whether it is table-top mementos, lampshades or other designer additions, décor creates the right vibe for the living room.

4. Walls: While the walls are there always, you can modify their appearance to complement the mood you want to set in the living room. From the colour of the walls to wall art, you can utilise different things to get them designed to perfection. Making one particular wall in a different colour or design pattern is a popular trend. Throw in wall art or paintings and the setting is sure to delight you and your visitors.

5. Overall: The most important thing to ensure while putting together all these pieces of the jigsaw puzzle is to maintain synergy. Make sure that you know what you are trying to achieve in your living room and choose your brands, your colours, your patterns and texture to ensure a seamless look and feel for the room.

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