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Educity is the hub of all learning at Creaticity. With one of India's leading fashion & design schools and other unique learning experience centres, Educity fosters the joy of learning in its own incredible manner.

  • Upcoming Education Events in Pune - Creaticity
    5th Mar, 2020

    Baking Masterclass at Plank & Weave

    Plank & Weave brings you an unforgettable learning experience to polish your baking skills. A masterclass at baking chocolate...

Past Events

  • Creaticity - Painting Workshop For Children - Upcoming Workshop in Pune

    Painting Workshop for Children

    Republic Day was truly made special for kids at Creaticity. Creativity found it's true expression with a paintbrush and canvas...

  • Creaticity - Paint Your Love - Upcoming Workshop in Pune

    Paint for your love workshop

    Creaticity gave lovers a chance to surprise their loved ones with an artistic expression at the 'Paint for your love' workshop...

  • Creaticity - Glass Pinting Workshop - Upcoming Workshop in Pune

    Glass Painting Workshop

    Ever imagined glass as a canvas for your colours and creativity? Well, it all came true at the unique Glass...

  • Creaticity - Abstract Knife Painting - Upcoming Workshop in Pune
    29 January 2020

    Abstract Knife Painting Workshop

    On the 29th of Jan 2020, Creaticity hosted the Abstract Knife Painting Workshop by Swati Mahale. The fun technique...

  • Creaticity - Craft From Waste - Top Upcoming Events in Pune

    Craft from waste - Free waste craft Workshop

    Promoting an eco-friendly and sustainable way of living, Creaticity played host to a unique workshop where the participants...

  • Creaticity - Bottle Painting - Top Upcoming Events in Pune

    Tribal Bottle Art Workshop

    Tribal Art has a sense of delight and mystic about it. While the delight came from the creations the mystic got unravelled...

  • Creaticity - Top Upcoming Events in Pune

    Cooking session with Team D.O.C

    Desmo Owners Club, a group of passionate bike riders, switched their biking gear for kitchen aprons as they enjoyed a fun...

  • Creaticity - Diwali Desserts - Top Upcoming Events in Pune

    Learn Healthy Desserts for Diwali

    Diwali brings with it a host of traditional sweets and delicacies. But with strict diets and fitness regimes on the rise...

  • Creaticity - Upcoming Education Events in Pune - Kathak Workshop

    Kathak Workshop - Abhinay Darpan

    The expressions and emotions that are expressed through dance and drama are overwhelming. Creaticity...

  • Creaticity - Bread Making - Upcoming Workshop in Pune

    Learn bread making in just two days at Plank And Weave

    With love for home baking on the rise, Creaticity decided to give the people a unique experience of how to make bread...

  • Creaticity - Garbaworkshop - Upcoming Workshop in Pune

    Garba Workshop at Creaticity

    How do you prepare for the Navratri season? Well, obviously with some fine Garba lessons so that you can enjoy the beats...

  • Creaticity - Top Upcoming Events in Pune - Learn the best Salsa Moves

    Salsa Workshop by the experts

    Salsa is a great way to express oneself and also have a great workout. Creaticity and Two Left Feet, gave invaluable Salsa...

  • Creaticity - Cartoon Workshop - Top Upcoming Events in Pune

    Cartooning Workshop at Nine Square

    Cartoons are ageless and every age loves cartoons. Creaticity celebrated this love for cartoons with a one-of-its-kind workshop...

  • Creaticity - Monsoon Art - Upcoming Workshop in Pune


    Monsoon is not just a season in India, its a part of the life and lifestyle of Indians. At Creaticity we collaborated with some...

  • Creaticity - Garba Workshop - Top Upcoming Events in Pune


    Over the years, Garba has become a great way for people to have fun, connect, socialise, shake a leg and enjoy one of the richest...

  • Creaticity - Salsa Dance - Upcoming Workshop in Pune


    While India is home to some of the finest varieties of dance forms, it has embraced global dance forms in recent times. In recent...

  • Creaticity - Modular Kitchen Workshop

    The Modular Kitchen Workshop

    Modular Kitchen is a trend that is here to stay and evolve. With this understanding, Creaticity invited...

  • Creaticity - Kathak By Cultural Academy - Upcoming Workshop in Pune


    So many homemakers end up compromising on their passion for dance to look after their homes and families...

  • Creaticity - Interior Design services in pune


    Interior designing is a world full of possibilities. A 10-day workshop was conducted at Creaticity from 22 July - 2 Aug...

  • Creaticity - Salad Dressing Workshop


    Everyone loves salads, especially the ones who keep a keen eye on their diet and nutrition. The why not learn how...

  • Creaticity - Abstract Painting - Top Upcoming Events in Pune


    Painting is one of the oldest forms of creative expression, across generations. Abstract painting has given a unique canvas...

  • Creaticity Events - Interior Décor Compitation


    Joie at Creaticity invited housing societies to participate in Pune's one and only interior decor competition...

  • Creaticity - Top Upcoming Events in Pune-Tribal Bottle Painting

    Tribal bottle art

    A paintbrush in your hand and an unusual canvas to express your creativity- the Tribal Bottle Painting Festival gave people this simple yet unparalleled joy.

  • Creaticity - Kids Fun Time - Top Upcoming Events in Pune

    Kids Fun Time

    Childhood brings with it all the fun that in-turn become priceless memories! S. L. A. T. E. focuses on offering young children...

  • Creaticity - Kids Financial Workshop


    The perfect upbringing of your kids also involves imparting them values about understanding and handling money and finances. S.L.A.T.E organized...

  • Creaticity - Tribal Bottle Painting - Upcoming Workshop in Pune


    Creativity is best enjoyed when it allows everyone to express in more ways than one. At Creaticity, this expression of creativity is what we focus on.

  • Creaticity - Summer Art Club - Upcoming Workshop in Pune

    Summer Art Club

    From 10-12 May 2019, Creaticity played host to a vibrant 3-day Summer Art Club, meant to celebrate the artists in kids. Art enthusiast kids indulged ...

  • Creaticity - 20 Workshops in Pune - Upcoming Workshop in Pune

    #Karo Workshops

    Sundays are a great way to unwind and do something different. Creaticity made a Sunday...

  • Creaticity Events - Marathi Theatre

    Introductory Workshop For Theatre in Marathi

    While theatre is a popular art form, Marathi theatre has a ...

  • Creaticity - Zumba Evening - Top Upcoming Events in Pune

    Zumba Evening

    A dance form, a delightful exercise, a bonding session...

  • Creaticity - Master Class China - Upcoming Workshop in Pune

    Master Class by Wicked China

    As monsoons arrived in Pune, Creaticity made it a whole lot tastier for everyone!

  • Creaticity - Summer Camp For Kids - Top Upcoming Events in Pune

    Summer Camp

    Instill the creative spark in your precious one, this summer!

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