Creaticity - Thw Bond between Fathers & Furniture

Celebrating the bond between fathers and furniture!

Yes, you read it right! There’s a special bond that fathers share with the furniture in the home. You may not spot it, but it’s there, and it’s a strong bond.

Remember how your dad use to carelessly forget his spectacles on the bedside table or the centre table in the living room? Or the sense of relaxation that would cover his face when you would sit on his favourite rocking chair, with his head in the newspaper or a book. Well, these connections are unending. The shoe rack and his shoes, the inside of the cupboard and his collection of ties, his favourite chair on the terrace to kickstart his day with a cup of tea, and so on.

Why are we reminding you all of this? Well, a special day is around the corner and you could gift him something that he can cherish and enjoy. This Sunday, the world is celebrating Father’s Day. So why not gift your loving dad a special gift that is not just useful, but also gives you a chance to show your love for him.

How about a comfortable recliner to replace that creaky old rocking chair? Or a modern and well- designed study table where he can sit comfortably and write his memoirs.

Sounds like a good idea? Then walk into Creaticity today. As Pune’s biggest home and interior destination, Creaticity offers you a wide range of options from national and global brands with designs that you will love. What’s more, with the special Downpour Sale, you can shop and save up to 50%. All of this, only at Creaticity.

Go ahead, make this Father’s Day special for your father. We at Creaticity are waiting to be a part of it.

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