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Access a world of possibilities for your home in the palm of your hand with the Creaticity App!

In 2020, we're beginning to see just how powerful Apps can be, and how important they have become in day-to-day living. They've become a part of how we order groceries and food, how we socialize and even how we find new clients or jobs. We aim to broaden this power, by fully integrating everything Creaticity has to offer, with our own home-grown App.

Creaticity is a platform that inspires everyone to explore their creativity and believes that innovative ideas belong to everyone. It is a space that encourages expression, growth, and passion. It makes the art of creating more exciting by facilitating co-creation. It not only rewards but celebrates a consumer's creativity to imbibe the joy of creation in all its patrons. The Creaticity App opens up this world of possibilities to its users, by giving them instant access to the five dimensions of Creaticity. These are Homecity, Foodcity, Playcity, Educity, Designcity and Eventcity.

Homecity is home to over 52,000 home decor ideas and 100+ reputed brands encompassing decor, furnishing, furniture, home ware, and more. It is also a one-stop campus for design workshops, product launches, exhibitions, design competitions and much more. The Creaticity App allows users to browse through their favourite home decor products and keep track of all the home decor related events that happen at Homecity.

Foodcity houses multiple highly rated food and beverage outlets that offer over 27 exciting unique cuisines to Creaticity's patrons. These include Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Muglai, Oriental, Lebanese, Continental, Thai, Italian and Mexican. Foodcity also hosts food festivals and chef presentations that are sure to interest foodies, as well as special events on baking, mixing, and more that allows Pune to celebrate rural & urban delicacies of India. The Creaticity App allows you to view menus, book tables, write reviews, view timings and more.

The next avenue of Creaticity that the Creaticity App opens to users is Eventcity. Eventcity is a unique event space with 11 stages and caters to all age groups with event themes like sports, shopping, food, art, singing, culture and much more. With the Creaticity App, you get instant access to scheduling, booking, and can easily share the event link with friends and family.

Educity is Creaticity's education hub. It is the ideal platform for showcasing talent and our rich heritage through art. Apart from hosting educational seminars and workshops, it is also home to the IACC (Ishanya Art and Culture Club) which protects, preserves and promotes Indian Art and Culture through performances and workshops. The Creaticity App gives users access to all the enriching educational experiences Educity offers, in the palm of their hand.

Lastly, the app gives you access to Playcity, which houses 5+ different sports including indoor football, cricket, handball with professional coaching, and even Pune's largest trampoline park! The app allows you to explore all these, read and write reviews, and book sessions at Playcity.

Beyond being a window into Creaticity, the app has a few exciting features as well. First, you can participate in product trails and earn Loyalty Points that you can redeem as gift vouchers. Next, the AR Product view allows you to easily picture a product in your home using your phone camera, and lastly, the exclusive Unlimit Finance Scheme gives you pre-approved finance schemes from Bajaj Finserv Ltd. Additionally, the app also has a Safety Locker feature which allows you to store important documents like bills, warranty cards, and more.

Download the Creaticity App today and get access to all of these and more anytime and anywhere!

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