Creaticity - Festival 2018 - Top Upcoming Events in Pune

Creaticity Festival 2018: When Pune rejoiced in an explosion of creative living, expression, and inspiration

Post the unveiling of the Pune’s only creative living campus - Creaticity, the city witnessed an explosion of art, culture, and music in form of the ‘Creaticity Festival 2018’. The Creaticity Festival was a 9-Day festival was held between 14 - 22nd April, 2018 and was organised in order to celebrate the creative expressions of Pune. There were various stages which played host to various events, workshops, exhibitions, and even plays! Over the course of 9 Days, the Creaticity Festival saw more than 50 events unfold.

The events ranged from Music shows to dance performances, brewfests, martial art forms, stand-up comedy shows and from craft workshops to flea markets celebrating products from Pune. In addition to this, there were also various community engagement activities such as Drum Circle and community painting workshops. There were various acts of national and international repute that graced the stage. The audience was enthralled by the stellar performances and arrangements and over 15000 spectators made the venue a lively and enthusiastic space.

One of the highlights of the Creaticity Festival was definitely the stunning performance by Black and Gold alongwith Mame Khan who brought some truly folksy vibes to life. The audience was left asking for more as he sang tune after tune. The show was aptly graced by Rujuta Soman who translated music to rhythm as she performed Kathak to the folk songs.

The Creaticity Festival also saw famous comedians like Atul Khatri, Kyle Marlett, and Aditya Desai take the stage to make the audience laugh till their sides hurt. Events like the ‘Street Art Culinary Fest’ broke boundaries between food and the stage as the audience witnessed the street art of India come alive in a truly unique fashion. The attendees also took away the benefit of learning new art forms at the Creaticity Festival as the five cities prepped up for various events that were to take place in the premises. All in all, the Creatcity festival was a huge success and paved way for Creaticity to become the preferred place for the creative soul.

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