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Creaticity Lookbook 2020 - Unlock the Creativity

When it comes to your home decorating style, do you feel like you have lots of ideas but you don’t know what to focus on? Do you feel like your style is all over the place? Or do you feel pulled around by every decorating trend that comes along? Buying individual pieces of home decor can be rewarding but ensuring they match perfectly with the room around them can sometimes be challenging. What if you could get entire rooms designed with matching decor all in one go? Well, that's what our Look Book is all about.

It’s definitely worth taking a little time to find your decorating style before you start making decisions regarding your spaces. This Look Book is the ultimate springboard for your creativity when it comes to decorating entire rooms or to spark incredible ideas for your home. From furniture to furnishing, wallpaper to carpet - all these products have been painstakingly matched into single offerings available exclusively at Creaticity. What's more is that you are completely free to select individual products from these looks, or purchase a look in its entirety. Feel free to explore the various brands, products, collections and you are sure to find one that suits your home's unique requirements and contact us. We will ensure you find the perfect home decor solution for your needs.

When finding the right design style for your home, you don't have to limit yourself to one particular look or brand. It's all about discovering what you actually prefer so you aren't overwhelmed by the immense variety and options available. Our homes are a reflection of who we are at the deepest level. Homes can have a personality that reflects its residents with their personal decorating style, so tuning in to one's preferences is an important part of the process. This is where the Look Book comes in handy.

Take for example, the Subtle City look by Ashley, which includes 3-seater sofas, an accent chair and a center table, offering a subtle contrast of colours that are pleasing to the eye. Another interesting option is the Picasso look by Natuzzi Editions. This look oozes exclusivity and indulgence with a classy, if not futuristic feel to it. A stylish and cosmopolitan option is Plush Edition by Mint Homez which balances well-defined edges with a plush, elegant experience making for a high-class look overall.

Whether you are looking for something modern and stylish or chic and minimal, the Creaticity Look Book will give you the perfect starting points. Just a few of the brands included in this Look Book are Ashley, Natuzzi Editions, Plank and Weave, Santalucia Mobili, Mint Homez and Hatil Furniture. The looks vary from smart and sensible dining room sets to seamless blends of classic and minimalist aesthetics and everything in between, ensuring every room is as functional as it is enviable, while being elegant and indulgent.

Take a deep dive into the Creaticity Look Book today and find inspiration for your home decor.

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