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Creaticity - Pune gets its very own avenue to explore creativity in all its forms

Pune has always been known as a city of creative expression, it is a city where all the performing arts have found a nurturing home and a knowledgeable audience. For a city of creativity, a venue for expressing it is of paramount importance. There are so many things that inspire the city and its citizens every single day. There is a ingrained desire in all of us to express ourselves at every stage available. A simple note of a flute can inspire a song, the bark of a tree can inspire a painting, and a musical note can inspire a dance. For the creative mind, the inspiration can strike in full measure and without warning and it’s always a rewarding to have a place that encourages just that!

Creaticity in Pune, is one such place which is prepared to be an avenue that encourages people to express more! Previously called Ishanya, which was amongst the biggest Shopping malls in Pune; Creaticity has now transformed itself into a campus of creative living. The mall has been redesigned in a way to inspire people to explore the joy of creative living and the excitement of a collaborative endeavor. Be it events, sports, food, music, or simply the new-found happiness of learning something new - there is a place to encourage and hone every ounce of creativity that you might possess. The area has been divided into five major campuses which are called ‘Cities’. These are - Homecity, Playcity, Educity, Eventicity, and Foodcity. The division of these areas and dedicated spaces makes it among the best malls in Pune.

Each of these has a unique set of offerings that make it come alive! If your expressions are colours, then Creaticity is that beautiful canvas where they will come to life. Given below are just a few details of each city and its offerings:

1. Homecity:
Out of all the places that can fuel your creativity, your home is certainly the most important one. It is the one place which truly reflects your soul and your ideas about life. At Homecity, you can truly experience the joy of home living. Homecity is a platform that is complete with home solutions, products, and services that can make your abode a more beautiful place.The campus of Homecity houses brands of international repute. These are known as much for their craftsmanship as for their fusion of international finesse and Indian warmth. Among the furniture shops in Pune, this is certainly the one that offers the most diversity.

2. Educity:
Educity at Creaticity is an avenue that has been designed to impart the wealth of knowledge and skills. The IACC - Art and Cultural Club encourages keeping the ethos of Indian culture alive by promoting is through performances. Apart from the performances, IACC also fosters the joy of collaborative creation by holding various workshops and seminars Over the years, IACC has showcased domestic and international talent in various disciplines to promote India’s tradition of dance, music, and theatre. Maestros like Lucky Ali, Santoor Maestro Rahul Sharma, Padmashri Ustad Rashid Khan are among the many who have performed here at Creaticity

3. Playcity:
Aimed at instilling the values of health and fitness through sports, Playcity offers the patrons with multiple avenues to play sports and engage in group activities. In the hustle-bustle of everyday life we often forget that Sports is a great way to recharge and energize oneself. Playcity offers enthusiasts various games where they can come together and bond. Playing is also a great expression of happiness and helps in team- building. Playcity offers a wide range of sports where groups can come together, train, and just enjoy a thrilling game of cricket or football. From Futsal to board games and from indoor handball to golf; the venue has everything that a sports lover would want!

4. Eventcity:
As the name succinctly suggests, Eventcity is a place that caters to hosting events and workshops that appeal to all age groups, categories, and arts. From baking workshop, to a painting workshop there is something here that can satisfy the curiosity of every creative heart. All the events that take place here are highly innovative, original, crafted for the niche audience. These events include performances, musical nights, and even open jams.

5. Foodcity:
Pune is a city that runs on food! As Punekars,we love the diversity of culinary experiences that await us at every corner. How would you feel if you could get all the diverse food options in one single place? Sounds amazing, right? Well, that is exactly what Foodcity endeavors to offer you. From food festivals, chef presentations to food tasting events, there is a crock-pot full of ideas waiting to engulf you! Foodcity combines taste and thrill together to give you wonderful and times!

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