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Creative Gifting Ideas for this Father’s Day

Father's Day is just around the corner and before you start buying that bottle of scotch/a simple card/ just a bouquet, STOP! Wouldn’t you love to do something that is truly special? Design his space in a way that will stay with him for the days to come, with pieces that he loves, and with a love that will definitely bring a smile to his face. Since no two dads are the same, we have put together a list that will help you choose a gift for your first hero and role model with absolutely no hassle. Let’s take a look, shall we?

  • Strict Dad:
    We all know that every child, no matter how old he/she gets, is scared of their father. Just as surely, we also know that underneath that tough exterior lies a soft heart and a loving parent. Even such dads need a day off from their fatherly duties and obligations. Why not gift him a beautiful recliner chair that he can just sit back in and relax at the end of a long day? A cup of chai specially made by you wouldn’t hurt as he finally unwinds!
  • Chill Dad:
    He is a biker, a traveller, a photographer, an adventurer, and most of all, someone who always has a youthful spirit inside him! - He is a Chill Dad. Basically a parent who you would rush to with stories of your first date! This Father’s Day, celebrate your love for him by decorating his room with this one-of-a-kind Brezza sofa from Natuzzi editions. Comfortable, plush, and contemporary - it’s a lovely way to say ‘Thank you!’ for all the times he has been who he is.
  • Bookworm Dad:
    From JK Rowling to JRR Tolkien, from Aristotle to Proust - he has devoured books like a voracious reader. Someone who instilled the reading habit in you too! His collection of books is genre-coded, divided by authors, and of course at his fingertips. Give him a great way to display his love for the written word with this stunning Artigo Wall Unit from Gautier. Watch his eyes gleam wide with surprise and happiness as you decorate his den with it!
  • Elegant Dad:
    He is the epitome of suaveness, the life of the party, an immaculate dresser, and a charming talker - the elegant dad is a true style icon. Why not make his sanctuary,a tad more stylish with this stunning creation from Natuzzi editions. A gorgeous, vibrant, and modern addition that perfectly suits his identity and style quotient!
  • Chef Dad:
    His cuisines, imaginativeness, culinary skills, and panache rival even that of your mom’s! You know it’s gonna be a splendid meal when you see him toiling away in the kitchen. What could be a better gift for him than a fabulous and futuristic kitchen from Arancia Kuchens ! The functionality and the versatility of the design will surely take his heart away.
  • Telly-Happy dad:
    Game of thrones? done and dusted! The English Premier League? he is sitting there in his Arsenal colors, yelling - Go Gunners!! He is an absolute authority on every TV show, sporting event, and movie! He is perfectly content with plopping his feet up and ending his day with a great movie and some dinner. And for him, we have the perfect gift! The Le Mans Sofa from Natuzzi Editions. It’s classic colours, reclining feature and a soft, comfortable, and plush back is just perfect to sink into and relax! Trust us, this gift is definitely going to earn you some brownie points.
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