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Furniture buying is a tricky process. Not only do you need clarity about what is the exact need of your home, but you also need to figure out the piece of furniture that suits your needs, your personality, your budget, and your home the best. And when there are thousands of options to choose from, confusion is guaranteed. Well, not anymore! With Creaticity Curated Trails, say goodbye to confusion in furniture buying.

Curated Trails by Creaticity is Pune’s one and only guided furniture tour. It offers you the perfect advice by Pune’s furniture experts, only at Creaticity. Curated Trails not only simplify your decision making of buying the right furniture for your home but also make it an insightful and memorable experience. After all, furniture is something you don’t bring home very often, and hence your choice must be spot on.

So, how do Curated Trails work for you? Well, it’s simple. Once at Creaticity, you need to approach the service scouts of Creaticity. They are furniture experts who have in-depth knowledge of global furniture trends and brands. These service scouts understand your exact furniture requirements and your budget. Based on this understanding, they suggest the best brand that fits your needs and budget, equally well. The service scouts then lead you to the brand store and connect you with the store manager. By explaining your requirements to the store manager, they ensure that you get to see the best furniture showcase, from the store.

Isn’t it wonderful to have someone to guide you, who understands everything about furniture? Well, Creaticity Curated Trails does just that for you. So, go ahead and book your Curated Trail today! The word of Creaticity with 100+ global and national furniture brands awaits you.

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