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Ever heard of the concept of Home Lifestyle?

Brand Conscious. Are you? Personal Lifestyle conscious. Are you? Aren’t we all? In fact, consciously or sub-consciously, we all have our own set of lifestyle choices and brand habits. And, we all are pretty proud of it too. “Mmmm… Most of the times” you would say! But, what about your Home Lifestyle?

My name is Alisha and I am a keen observer and enthusiast of human lifestyle and behavior. I will be sharing various insights, neighborhood stories and tips with you through these quick read articles via Creaticity’s Blog. Here is the first one in the series of many. Hope you would like it and subscribe to it.

While we have our lifestyle choices for the clothes we wear or the watch we sport or the car we drive, I have seldom come across people who do not have a clear understanding of the concept of Home Lifestyle and how it can affect your mind, body and soul. So, let’s look at this a bit more in-depth today for your good.

Unlike personal lifestyle, home style embraces shared and joint reflection of the home dwellers. Though each room within a same house might look and feel different, there’s an impression which is mutual. We like to keep our homes clean, colorful, vibrant and positive apart from taking care of comfort, peace of mind and delight in our minds. But, did you know that while we design and decorate our homes for our own comfort, we also bring in various elements of Home Lifestyle keeping in view the guests who may visit our home and also our close relatives or friends who may stay over for a longer duration. Imagine a friend coming home – what does he think about your place? And, therefore what does he reflect about you. Same holds true when your in-laws come home or your bosses come home or even your colleagues come over, for that matter. Have you ever thought about how your home lifestyle choices reflect about yourself? Do leave your comments below on this.

These Home Lifestyle elements can be further detailed based on the various sensory experiences they influence. Visual Appeal through design, layout, colors, contrasts or Smell through fragrances used at home and their affect on the human mind or the feeling of Touch through material quality and more. We shall dwell into each of these elements in detail in my next articles for sure and I know you will love it!

While Home Lifestyle is about Look and Feel, it’s also very much about Functionality. So, maintaining a balance of both is quite important. Let’s see how my neighbour’ Mr. Sharma’s family looks at Home Lifestyle and learn more from them.

A close look at Mr. Sharma’s home

It took Vignesh Sharma almost a year to conceptualize and execute his intricate design process for his apartment in Mumbai. Mr. Sharma together with his wife Meena and his son Rahul resides in the suburbs of Mumbai. Mr. Sharma enjoys things which are modern and likes to keep himself up to date with styles of the moment, an avid follower of contemporary style. He likes the contemporary style of decor which is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication and deliberate use of texture. He prefers interiors which tend to showcase space rather than displaying things. His focus on color, shape, and functionality, ensures that his contemporary interiors are fresh and sleek.
Mrs. Sharma on the other hand has the charm of South Indian tradition (being brought up in Udupi) is something which she cannot forget so easily. The beautifully carved pillars and doors, shiny lamps and brass statues are some of the elements which she adores, an ardent follower of traditional style.
Now coming on to Rahul, even after not being a great vintage lover, he finds traditional designs a good way of spicing up his home decor. Mixing the chic contemporary design with aesthetic and timeless traditional pieces creates a nice vibe – the blend of new and old make things quite interesting. Although the use of glitz, gloss, and shimmer isn't Rahul's inherent style, he took it as a challenge head-on, infusing his space with artistic pieces such as miniature ancient paintings depicting historical scenes of kings and queens together with ultra-modern UHD television, surround sound speakers and such ultra-modern gadgets.

Finally, home lifestyle involves some science and a lot of heart. So, how’s your HLQ or home lifestyle quotient like?

Hope you liked the story and insights I could provide in this introductory blog piece of mine. Will come back with many more interesting learnings and experiences in upcoming articles. You should also visit this interesting space at Creaticity called JOIE. The 3 BHK experiential space open-to-all is created to inspire you with new ideas of Home Lifestyle and is redone every week with new furniture, furnishings and all the elements of Home Lifestyle. Do visit it as often as you can and get more ideas for your home. Till then you take good care of yourself and your home.

Alisha says ‘Bye Bye!’ Hugs & Kisses
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