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A guide to choosing the correct dining table

While the trend of eating out is growing, the sheer happiness of enjoying a meal at home is unmatched. With family structures and lifestyles evolving, choosing a dining table that perfectly suits your needs is becoming complex. At Creaticity, we are here to assist you in taking this decision, so that you don't regret your choice later. Read on.

1. Table top: This decision is primarily driven by your eating habits. If you usually place many bowls on your dining table, than choose a wooden top. If your dining table is subjected to the heavy stuff, go for a marble top. In case you want a glass top, make sure the glass is tempered and has curved edges.

2. Shape of table: While rectangular dining tables are most popular, the shape is based on the space available and the members in the family. A circular table, even though occupies more space, allows all chairs to be pushed in. A square table is sufficient for a family of 4, without creating clutter.

3. What to avoid: Say a strict no to anyone who suggests a starter dining set. It lacks quality and longevity. Avoid soft solid wood also.

4. Lesser finger joints: The number of finger joints is inversely proportional to the quality of the table top. Ensure least finger joints while purchasing a dining table.

5. Sideboard: A sideboard is a great utility. It not only offers storage space but also serves as a serving top that adds convenience to the dining experience at home for everyone.

6. Colour: Since the wood colour tends to fade with time, make sure you check for the availability of matching stains at the time of purchase itself.


How to select the right bed for your bedroom?

Whether it's been a tiring day at work or a lazy Sunday at home, there's one thing we all seek in abundance- a comfortable, blissful sleep. And to ensure that the body feels perfectly relaxed during and after the sleep, the right bed is mandatory. Read on about some important aspects to understand how you can zero in on the right bed for yourself and your bedroom.

1. Bed size: King and queen size beds are the most popular sizes of beds, popularly available. The area in the bedroom primarily decides the size of the bed you choose. The sleeping area is obviously more with a king size bed.

2. Bed base: Usually the bed base has slats or an entire cover. If you pick slats, make sure there are minimum 12 slats to avoid the mattress getting stuffed int he gaps within the slats. In case of a bed base with an entire cover, pick the base made with Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF).

3. Headboard: Headboards are extremely useful for beds when you want to sit on the bed while reading books or watching TV. Check that the headboard of the bed is steady, even when pushed with both the hands.

4. Storage beds: Beds with storage space are a great idea. but make sure that the lady of the house is able to use the storage space easily. To ensure this, ask her to check the hydraulic of the storage space. Make sure you use both hands while closing the storage. Don't go for a half storage, since the mattress will bend and get damaged. A bed with pull-out storage is the best.


Quick tips to choose the right mattress for your bed

A right bed is just the first step to a sound sleep. When you place the correct mattress on this bed, you actually are in for a magical sleeping experience. But how does one select the right mattress? Well, read on...

1. Construction: Instead of going by the inches of the mattress, ask for its make- whether its Bonnell spring or pocket spring. While the former allows motion transfer, the latter doesn't.

2. Foam: The memory foam is the most popularly used and recommended mattress foam since it comes back to its original shape after you are done sleeping. A pocket spring mattress with memory foam is a great combination.

3. Thickness: The thickness of the mattress should be such that the distance between the floor and the top of the mattress is between 16-18 inches. This allows you to get down easily from the bed.

4. Reversible: A mattress that is flippable by design makes its life longer and ensures that all parts of the mattress are used properly.


Things to know before you choose your wardrobe

Whether you look at it as a place to keep your clothes or the storage space for your accessories and other things, a wardrobe is an extremely piece of furniture you need to own. But what should one consider before finalising a wardrobe? Well, here are a few tips to help you choose the right one.

1. Person: Yes, it's the person who is going to use the wardrobe, who defines what the wardrobe should be. The requirements from a wardrobe for a man and a woman are completely different. For example, a drawer at the bottom for footwear works really well for women. Keep this in mind.

2. Space: Don't go by the number of doors the wardrobe has. Check out the inner details of the wardrobe like hanger space, shelves, drawers etc., before choosing one.

3. Back panel: A lesser focused aspect of a wardrobe is its back panel. While its the front that we end up seeing every day, the strength of the back panel is extremely critical for the longevity of the wardrobe. It should always be more than 6 mm.

4. Doors: For a 6 or 6 and a half feet wardrobe, the doors should have 3 hinges. In case the doors have hydraulic hinges, ensure rubber bumpers to avoid noise.

5. Material: The density of the material is directly proportional to the strength of the wardrobe. Choose from particle board (density > 650), MDF (density between 800-1200), HDF ((density > 1200)) and solid board, as per your preference. Plywood is usually considered an economical substitute for solid wood.

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