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The first things to look at while selecting a sofa

Sofa is one of the most, probably the most important piece of furniture in your home. It's the first space where you crash after a tiring day at work, or the place you offer to your guests, when they step into your home. So, while the sofa has to look wonderful, it has to - first and foremost - be comfortable. Here are the first checks you should have while shopping for a sofa.

1. Capacity: Pick a sofa depending on the number of people you want it to accommodate. This is a reflection of the family members you have and the frequency with which you expect guests. Choose a 3+2 or 2+2 depending on the people you want to accommodate.

2. Seating Depth: For the sofa to offer comfortable seating, it has to have a certain depth for you to go back and sit. The recommended seating depth for a sofa is 20-22 inches. It ensures a comfortable posture.

3. Back Profile: The sofa should take care of the posture of your back. To ensure that the back is taken care of, the back profile of the sofa should be such that it pushes you out.

4. Back Material: The material for the sofa back should ideally be such that it has a high density and high firmness. While a soft-firm material has a longer life, a hard-firm material works for a shorter duration. You can also pick a sloppy seating, for a sinking feeling.

5. Sofa Spring: The type and quality of sofa spring are directly proportional to the life of the sofa. While a pocket spring is recommended, a belt spring is more trending, currently. There is also an option of a flat spring, which is made of one end-to-end piece.

How to choose the perfect recliner?

Sofas are great and have been proven to be extremely comfortable. And yet, there is a growing fascination for recliners, for the sheer laid back nature they have. Also, recliners allow individuals to spend 'me-time' in a manner no other piece of furniture can do. So how do you choose the perfect recliner for yourself?

1. Recliner Comfort: The comfort offered by a recliner should be checked over a wide range. This includes straight sitting posture to TV viewing and sleeping. A sense of comfort in each of these positions is a must.

2. Recliner Angle: The comfort of the recliner is also dependent on the angle it covers. An ideal recliner goes back up to 170 degrees, just short of the bed position. Usually, a recliner going back up to 135 degrees, is a good one.

3. Neck Support: Yes, checking for neck support in a recliner is extremely important. While a recliner gives a comfortable posture to your back and hips, the neck needs equal attention. Pick a recliner with good neck support.

4. Recliners for Women: Bringing the recliners back from a sleeping position to a sitting position needs physical efforts. When choosing a recliner for women, pick a motorised recliner to spare them the legwork in pushing it back.

5. Checking a recliner: While buying a recliner checking all the above mentioned aspects is important- angle, comfort, neck support, and motorised features. At the same time, it is essential to make sure that the recliner doesn't topple. Never get off a recliner when it is in the reclined state, to avoid this.

Have you tried the 7-minute sofa test?

Buying a sofa for your home is a big thing. It is imperative that you get it right. So, while there are structural parameters that need to be considered while finalising a sofa, there's something that needs to be experienced and felt in terms of comfort. So, here's a simple 3-step, 7-minute sofa test to help you identify the right sofa. To begin with, you need to sit on the sofa.

1. The Opening: For the first 2 and a half minutes, look for the comfort from your feet to your thighs. If the sofa doesn't cause any discomfort in your limbs, then move to the next step.

2. The Core: For the next 2 and a half minutes, focus on the comfort that the sofa offers in the region from your butt to the back. This is the part of your body most in contact with the sofa. So pay close attention.

3. The Conclusion: Now to the last 2 minutes of the test. Feel the sensation the sofa gives you from your upper back to your neck region. This is the last check that the sofa needs to live up to.

If at the end of 7 minutes you feel a sense of comfort across your body, then the sofa seems right for your body's comfort. Over to your pocket.

How do you pick the right leather for your sofa's upholstery?

While the structure of the sofa is important for comfort as well as function, the sofa of the upholstery is equally important. Leather upholstery not only enhances the look of the sofa but also adds to the aesthetics of the entire space. but how do you go about picking the right leather for your sofa from what's available out there? Well, read on.

1. Half leather: This is the most trending leather, currently. While the body touching surfaces are made of pure leather, the other surfaces are made of artificial leather. This makes it a cost-effective option without compromising the look.

2. Full leather: As the name suggests, the upholstery of the sofa is made completely out of leather and thus has a higher price point. It is more important to look at the quality of the leather, since good quality leather breathes, and keeps it going for a longer time.

3. First-quality, Split and Bonded leather: Thee are basically the type of leather you choose, whether you go for a full or half leather sofa. While first-quality leather comes from the surface skin of the animal, it is top grade having been exposed to all weather conditions. It's the most expensive one also. Split leather comes from the second layer and is of lower price and quality. Bonded leather is 98% not leather; avoid it completely.

While choosing a leather sofa, you might come across opinions like leather sofas are good only in air-conditioned spaces. It's a misconception. Leather sofas are good in any environment. So now, go ahead and pick your leather!

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