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Buying furniture is simple, or so it may seem. While multiple brands that are available both online and offline, have made browsing through furniture extremely easy, knowing which furniture is good for you in terms of its quality has become more difficult.

Creaticity, Pune’s biggest home and interior destination, not only curates finest global and Indian furniture brands, but also believes in empowering and enlightening the furniture buyer, regarding how to bring home the best quality furniture. Here are a few helpful tips that every furniture buyer should keep in mind while going furniture shopping.

1. The material of the furniture: A wide variety of material are on offer when you look out for furniture. This includes different types of wood, wrought iron, stainless steel, moulded plastic, and cane among others. Depending on the longevity you seek and the styling, choose the material. Wood and stainless steel are the most preferred ones.

2. Type of wood: Wood has always been the most preferred material for furniture. As a result, there are many brands who promise the best wooden furniture. Make sure that you enquire about the type of wood being used. Choose hardwood for longevity. Softwood also has a great quality promise, if chosen with the right brand. Stay away from plywood.

3. Brand reputation: With so many brands available, it’s easy to get confused about which one to pick. Research about the brand online, look for its authentic reviews and ask questions to the showroom executives to verify the legacy of the brand. The variety on offer is also a good pointer about the believability of the brand’s quality promise. At Creaticity, you can find over 100 international and national brands like Natuzzi Editions, Ashley Furniture Homestore, Forte, Stories, M&D Casa Italia and many others which is what makes it the ultimate destination for your home furnishings.

4. Warranty claims: Thoroughly check the guarantee and warranty promises made by the brands. While they sound attractive at first, the promise becomes superficial with terms and conditions applied to it. This is especially true in the case of brands, which are low on quality. The brands that are sure about their quality, are more assured in their warranty claims and thus offer better durability and service for your furniture.

5. Emerging trends: The material of the furniture witnesses new trends every now and then. While most of them fade away, only some manage to stay one. Do not blindly follow a new trend, without conducting reliable research about it.

It’s important to understand that good quality furniture is available in every budget segment. If you spend enough time looking for it, you will end up buying something you will love to flaunt at your home.

To ensure that you don’t get confused while buying furniture and take home only the best one, visit Creaticity. With more than 100 global and national brands on offer, it is one place you shouldn’t miss when buying quality furniture.

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