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Where do I get the right furniture for my home? How do I plan the furniture for my living room? Who takes care of the furniture delivery, at my home? Can someone assist me in installing the bed at my home? Who will help me with the right maintenance of the sofa I bought? There are so many queries that crowd people’s mind when they want to buy furniture. But so many of them are usually unresolved. Not anymore. With MYFITBHK, Creaticity presents end-to-end furniture solutions, with the expertise to answer all your furniture buying queries.

MYFITBHK is a set of unique furniture-related services that aims to cater to every aspect of furniture shopping. It assists customers in repairing, maintaining, renovating, cleaning, and designing their homes, while keeping them updated with all the lifestyle trends.

The wide range of services offered by MYFITBHK is broadly categorized into two categories: Home maintenance & renovation and interior design services. Delivered by experts in the field, all these services are a notch above anything else you will find in the city. At the same time, the biggest advantage is finding all of them under one roof, in the most hassle-free manner.

When it comes to home maintenance & renovation, MYFITBHK offers services like sofa shampooing, sofa repair, bean bag repair, curtain cleaning & tailoring, furniture dismantling and reassembly, carpentry, modular kitchen servicing, carpet cleaning, marble floor polishing, and painting. Basically, every corner of your home gets the expert touch of MYFITBHK.

The interior design services provided by MYFITBHK are excellent. They take into consideration the various stages of the process of furniture buying and assembly to deliver convenience at your doorstep. This includes space designing (furniture plan), product selection support and complete execution of the furniture plan. What’s more, all these services are delivered by a background-verified and skilled service crew. Additionally, cashless payment mode and easy EMI options add to the overall customer convenience.

With so much on offer under one roof at Creaticity, it’s time you make the most of MYFITBHK and everything it has to offer.

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