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The new year is a good reason and a motivation to do something new. Embracing new home décor trends to setup your home in a vibrant manner, is a great way to start the new year. Here are a few tips for you to give your home a new year makeover.

    There are very few things that can always be trendy; something you can use in both a classic or a modern way. Geometric patterns belong to this rare category. Whether you choose to go with a theme full of geometric marbles and brass surfaces or simply painted white walls and clean white stone floors; will define whether is young or classy. Whatever you choose, make sure it matches the soul of the space.
    It is said that a curved sofa solves many age-old design problems. Not only do the curves add a sense of harmony and order to the room instead of a flat-lined sofa, they also get everyone more involved in the conversations in the living room. While the shape of a curved sofa adds a certain grace to the ambience of the room, it also allows people to look more at each other.
    Marble is one of the most classic and timeless materials that adds a distinct charm to an entire room. Whether it’s a delightful centre table in the living room made of marble or a royal looking cabinet with an element of marble in it, the wow it generates is unbelievable. Choose your favourite colour, and the one that goes with the other elements of the room, to give your indoors a distinct edge.
    In the absence of color, it is always important to add plentiful texture and movement, even if you use various neutral tones throughout the space. Filling the space with a layer upon layer of organic and patterned elements is a delightful way of doing it. From the pillows on the sofa, to the wall decor, to the details of the accent furniture, touch upon the ingredients that have always been classics: natural textures, fluid shapes, and calm, clean colors.
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