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The world is coming closer through technology, but it’s the culture that is evolving through shared realities. As people from different countries get exposed to each other, they have started living truly global lives. Art has made way across borders, homes have become more global and somewhere along the way, we have embraced furniture from all around the world. As Creaticity, Pune’s biggest home and interior destination celebrates this global vibe with 100+ national and international brands, a new member has joined this ever-growing family.

Santalucia Mobili, one of Italy’s most curated and stylish furniture brands recently made its way into Creaticity. This is Santaluica Mobili’s first-ever gallery in not just Pune, but in western India. Symbolising the fashion, finesse, and flavours associated with Italian craftsmanship, the brand has a place of pride in the world of Italian furniture and home décor.

THE LEGACY Born out of passion for exquisite designs with sustainable quality support for furniture and interiors in 1965, Santalucia Mobili has imbibed this passion in every piece designed and delivered by the brand. Over the years, Santalucia Mobili has grown and has become a leading light in the furniture sector, manufacturing living rooms, bedrooms, accessories, and furnishings. At its heart, the brand is driven by the simple desire to design and manufacture quality, designer pieces of furniture that become a part of homes and lives.

THE WELCOME The exclusive Santalucia Mobili gallery at Creaticity witnessed a delightful inauguration ceremony, which had a fine blend of modernity and traditions. The gallery was inaugurated by Her Excellency, Consul General of Italy, Ms. Stefania Costanza. She was given a traditional Puneri welcome with a Puneri pagdi by Mrs. Parul Mehta, (Director, DFPCL and Trustee, Ishanya Foundation) and Mr. Mahesh M., (CEO, Creaticity). The ribbon-cutting ceremony was done by Her excellency in the honourable presence of Mr. Jacopo Galli(CEO, Santalucia Mobili). The delightful gathering was treated to a fine cultural extravaganza of Kathak and Spanish music. The event also witnessed expert talk sessions by leading architects from Pune on the topic ‘graceful designs’ which also happened to be the theme for the entire launch ceremony.

THE OFFERINGS While the brand offers a wide variety of furniture for every room of the home in its true Italian style, the various creations are categorised in three main furnishing styles- Ikona, Homy, and Practico.

Homy caters to those who value practicality and functionality more. At the same time, products under it stays true to the brand’s Italian DNA and never compromises on style.

Homy caters to multiple dimensional furniture systems. Apart from this, it has an array of wardrobes available. Walk-in closets are the most elegant and innovative piece of the wardrobe by far.

The world of Creaticity has now become extravagantly richer with the launch of Santalucia Mobili. An already curated furniture range that celebrates American, European and Indian furniture, gets another stylish milestone, with a distinct design signature and legacy.

Come down to the Santalucia Mobili Gallery and experience Italian designs and Craftsmanship like never before.

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