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The first-ever mall in India on wheels - Presenting Creaticity on wheels

“Who will think of making a premium purchase in these times,” might seem to be the first thought, especially in the retail space.

But there’s one category that is in the spotlight! Not a tough guess – the Home segment!

Even if you don’t miss the office, everyone must be missing the sweet ergonomic chair after months of WFH. Or one might notice how the cushions are just not happening! How about some wall art in the living room? What if the coffee table could transition into a work desk? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? And that’s where we come in! But not without rethinking as per the ‘new normal’

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Current times are a testimony to this thought. But to keep your business afloat and thriving right now, one must be innovative too. This is a true test of the best marketing minds. This means thinking out of the box, like taking a mall to anyone’s doorstep - on wheels.

While it is absolutely important and essential to maintain top-notch safety and hygiene measures, there’s much more that needs to be done in retail space. Even the safest facility may not draw in your customers. We have to go to them.

Since everyone is spending more time at home, in sentiment, the prospective or dormant customer base of home living has only increased manifolds as ‘home’ has become all the more important. People will seek more and more convenience, organised living, technologically driven innovative solutions, comfort, and aesthetics at their homes, not to mention a surge in the requirement of excellent workstations at home, which would match office-quality ergonomics. They always have the option to buy online, but actually seeing and experiencing a product, especially when buying for home is also crucial.

The beautiful layouts of living spaces in Creaticty – with our range of products and brands, is sure to be missed. There is nothing like walking around an exquisite interior and living space before you find that one piece your home desires. Having said that, it will be a while until even the most avid customers will be readily happy to come. Creaticity completely understands this concern. Hence, we have worked on both levels. Keeping the premises safe and going the distance by enabling intelligent shopping, through ‘Book by Appointment’, the Creaticity app, interactive kiosks on-site and all the safety measures. On the other hand, in a first-of-its-kind move, we’re taking the mall to them.

Select furniture and home living products will be driven to customers’ residential communities where they can preview our products and offers. The products will be completely disinfected & sanitized, while ensuring customers and staff observe safety measures too, such as wearing a mask and sanitising hands before coming in contact with the products. This bridges the gap between online and on-the-spot purchase. Creaticity cares for the safety and convenience of its customers while going the distance between marketing communication and on-ground action.

Cororid Hand Sanitiser – from the house of DFPCL. Our brand of sanitizers, Cororid constitutes of the key disinfecting formulation which is WHO approved - IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol). With the help of Cororid, the entire shopping-on-wheels experience will be sanitised and worry-free from the comfort of customers’ homes. The range of disinfectants and sanitisers are also ready to be delivered on-demand for them as well.

New Home Small Price is an offering on home décor packages which are designed keeping in mind, the new enhanced sensibilities of people towards their homes. Since everyone is spending so much time at home, there is a deeper desire to make it more beautiful and comfortable. So if any home needs colour, freshness, an exciting new addition, this offer is just right for them!

Additionally, we are introducing an exciting buying opportunity with Rent Now Buy Later. It is the most flexible buying option on premium furniture, wherein you rent your choice of furniture for 3 or 6 months and buy them with the difference amount at the end of the period (only if you want to). A ready exchange offer allows you to replace your furniture with another one at the same price from Creaticity after one month. Furthermore, the rent on these products will cost lower than EMIs.

Creaticity is a one-stop destination for an eclectic range of premium furniture under one roof. Our products are designed and delivered with close attention to your needs. Having been led by design and a deep interest in people’s aspirations, we believe in taking your needs and concerns seriously.

In extraordinary times like these, we’re going beyond extraordinary measures. We’re operating out of care and commitment to get you what you need. That’s how we made ‘Creaticity on Wheels’ happen.

Reach out to join us in the exciting and emerging Home Living Retail segment or to make your dream living come true.
If you must stay home and stay safe, why not make it more blissful too?

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