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Things Millennials Should Consider Before Buying Furniture

In today’s world, everything is already pretty hard as a young adult - shifting to a new city, juggling between college and job, finding time to socialize in spite of dealing with various responsibilities. While there already might be a lot on your mind, let us make setting-up your living space a little less troublesome for you.

The difference between having a space (rented or owned) and having a home is the furniture you place in it. Furniture reflects your personality and there are various factors which come into play while selecting a certain piece. Whether it fits in your budget, does it go well with the rest of your furniture, is it easy to maintain and is it the right size for your living space are a few aspects to be considered.

Another important criterion is whether the furniture is trendy. In the 21st Century, trends are highly influenced by younger buyers. With the millennials being ‘awake’ and much more concerned towards our shrinking planet, sustainable furniture has hit the markets and is the new trend.

Some of the other facets which should be kept in mind before going furniture shopping are:

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Furniture with a Smaller Profile: With the apartments getting smaller, going for furniture which takes up less space results in your apartment looking cosy and spacious at the same time. Instead of a big sofa, go for recliners and chairs with smaller profile as they create the illusion of space and an open furniture layout.

Multifunctional Furniture: In smaller spaces, you need furniture which performs more than one function such as sofa cum beds or seating with storage units. This type of furniture plays a major role in de-cluttering your home without any additional furniture pieces.

Technology Accommodating Furniture: With the advancement in technology and home automation, look for furniture which provides space and plug points for all your devices. Similar to television units, which are good for space management and connectivity, there are side tables and pull-out shelves with the availability of charging points.

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Say Yes to Vintage: Vintage furniture adds a different style to the home and using such furniture is also a way of going green. Most vintage furniture is either passed on or restored and is slightly touched-up. It is made from almost negligible amounts of toxic materials and is durable. Vintage furniture is less expensive which makes it perfect to achieve a rustic look that is easy going on your pocket.

Durable Fabric: Make sure to select furniture with fabric and upholstery which is easy to clean and is durable. This will increase the life span of your furniture and make it look new for longer.

Buying furniture might make you feel like a lost kid at the candy store but we hope this article makes it easier for you to select the right type of furniture for your home. Make sure to do a little research and weigh out the pros and cons before finalising any furniture and while you are doing so, do drop by at Creaticity - your one stop shop for all your furniture needs. Here, you can select, from a wide range of furniture and home décor brands and styles, the one which is suitable for your home and fulfils your requirements. Visit Creaticity today to finish setting up your home.

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