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UNLIMIT: Making your Shopping Experience at Creaticity Unique and Hassle- Free

Shopping can be full of a lot of hassles, problems, and roadblocks but it is still a rewarding and joyful experience! There are many things that we have on our wishlist and certainly we wish to fill our homes with the best of them. Why should money hold us back? Unlimit is one such program which offers a number of benefits to the card-holders. Unlimit, is a unique Loyalty Programme which entitles the recipients of the scheme to receive a pre-approved finance from Bajaj Finserv in addition to loyalty points and easy EMIs on any of the products that you buy at Creaticity.

Not only that but the scheme also offers unique and priority seating, and ticketing for all the events at Creaticity that come under the IACC (Arts and Cultural Centre). Unlimit is a truly unique offering that is also applicable for the Food and Beverage Options at Foodcity. For Example: If you go on on a night around town with a group of friends and you wish to pay the bill in easy installments later on, even that is possible with Unlimit! And you need not worry about a thing as all the EMIs are pre-approved on the Unlimit Card.

Now worrying about finances about finances while redecorating or newly decorating your home is a thing of the past. The card also entitles you to get fully-approved loan on your Home Interior requirements.

As soon as you sign on to to the Unlimit programme, you are welcomed with a specially designed goodie bag that also contains the benefits that you are entitled to receive with the Unlimit Card. This a truly unique benefits programme offered by Creaticity and unlike any other that a mall in Pune has.

Additionally, an Unlimit member also has the following benefits:

  • Home Maintenance, Improvement and Design tips for your home from time to time.
  • Special access to the Design Cafe where design experts can assist you for all your home decorating and maintenance needs.
  • Preview Sale access

It’s truly worth getting your hands on one!

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