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Which upholstery is right for you - Wool or Leather?

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Furniture is not just an object. It is something that with times becomes a part of your life. The amount of time you need to spend on any piece of furniture can’t be ignored. Nobody wants to be in a situation where the furniture they bought wasn’t the right choice for their home. Kids, guests, stains, pets & durability are just a few things to think of when buying furniture. Hence, ordering something that you might have just seen online, might be a gamble. But wait; what new are we talking about here? Well, the most important element of furniture - upholstery.

What exactly is Upholstery?

Upholstery is everything that goes into the making of the soft coverings of any furniture. From the sofa to the headboard in your bedroom, everything will have some kind of upholstery. This not only has to be in sync with the room but will also influence the mood of the people living in the room. Upholstery will include all the materials used to fill and cover furniture seats, for example, cotton padding, vinyl, cushions, springs, webbing, fabric, foam and even leather covers. At Creaticity, while we offer the finest furniture for your home, we also help you find the perfect upholstery for your furniture to give your home the perfect look it needs.

Upholstery-soft coverings of any furniture

Points to remember before choosing an upholstery.

Ancient upholstery might have included horsehair and hay, but luckily enough we have comfortable materials like wool and leather. Fabrics will age over a period of time, as they are affected by dust, humidity and sunlight. It will also react to the people who use it. After all, it’s not just colours and patterns. It is important to think of the durability, style, and comfort that it will provide the users. What room to place the furniture in and how many people will be visiting the room is another aspect you should think about.

Upholstery that will stand the test of time and your children too: Wool or leather?

There are many options that provide durability and good looks. Wool is usually blended with another fabric, while it is durable and sturdy, it is also difficult to clean. Wool may attract dust and hence will need to be vacuumed regularly. Distressed leather might be a good choice for upholstery, if there are kids in the home as it will take the brunt of any scratches that may happen. Leather, in comparison to wool, is easier to clean and durable. But it absorbs heat faster.

Fabric is another option when it comes to upholstery. However, certain fabrics may be difficult to maintain. They may require frequent vacuuming and may not be suited to harsh changes in the weather. Silk looks great but can’t be a good option for a household with kids and lots of guests visiting. Furthermore, materials like wool and linen would be a good choice for houses without kids, as these are fabrics that may not retain their shape after a period of lounging.

Matching the furniture with the upholstery

The shape of the furniture will also affect the choice of the upholstery you choose to go with. Since you will be looking at larger furniture pieces for longer periods of time, it wouldn’t be wise to choose a colour that is too bright or stands out too much, whereas smaller furniture pieces can be experimented with.

Experience the upholstery material

Try to get a feel of the upholstery by visiting the store once. You will understand your own needs of the fabric and upholstery better. The colours might not be as good as they appear on the screen and the blue that looks good now may not look so good after it has faded. Hence, it is always advisable to visit the store once before you finalize the upholstery.


You could also try to experiment with unconventional choices by pairing fabrics with furniture that it isn’t usually paired with. Unique is always the way to go, if you want to make an impression.

Which upholstery is right for you?

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Wool is durable and resistant to wrinkles and fading. It is very comfortable and flexible. Though cat owners may want to stay away from wool, as it will pick up the fur and be difficult to clean. But if you can put the time and effort into keeping it clean, then wool will be a good choice. Cotton is better for homes with children and pets, as it is durable and can be washed easily whenever stained.

Leather is easy to clean, maintain and very durable. Leather is suitable for those with allergies, as it is dust-free and lint-free. It will give any home a timeless and classic look. At the same time, it should be kept away from direct sunlight to avoid fading. Silk is a good choice for furniture that will receive light lounging. It can get stained easily in households with kids and pets. Silk isn’t easy to maintain, but if a household doesn’t have kids and if one can maintain it, then it is a good choice as it will give the room a rich look and feel. Wool and cotton are more suited for an Indian household with kids. Whereas a household without kids and pets can have the freedom of decorating it with fancier fabrics.

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As Pune’s biggest home and interior destination, Creaticity offers a wide range of furniture that is made of the finest upholstery. You can also find more details about the kind of upholstery that will suit you at Knowledge Hub at Creaticity along with many other interesting points to get the perfect piece of furniture for you. Visit Creaticity to pick the one that is the best from the unlimited options we have, for your home!

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