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Work from home essentials for the ideal workspace at home

WFH is the new normal but has our way to work stepped up to this normalcy? Or to be more precise, you may finish the work on deadline, but do you miss the office-like perfection and focus?

Let’s talk about this and more.

Almost everyone’s work has come home, and we’ve learnt to, albeit with a little effort, strike a balance between living and working. A lot of people may not miss the office but are bound to desire for a workstation that would complement their work and help them focus better. Ergonomic furniture like the right chair, height-adjustable desk placed in the right corner of the house can make work efficient and also avoid body aches and spasms. Our regular home furniture is not meant to be as conducive to healthy working. This means that while work has come home, we have perhaps left the ideal workspace behind.

Needless to say, in the new normal, it is ‘essential’ to have a good workspace in form and function, right at your home. Hence presenting, the very aptly named ‘Work from Home Furniture’ by Creaticity. This is our range of furniture specially curated to suit working from home. Each piece is designed to suit your needs in comfort, aesthetics and aspirations for an ideal working space at home.

This includes stylish, convertible, designer centre tables and chairs, the comfortable yet posture-saving armchair amongst others.

Our convertible range of products is designed to cater to any customers’ flexible needs. Seamlessly transforming from relaxing to the hardworking workstation you deserve.

And that’s not all! Why not go beyond the monotonous ergonomics and convenience of your office now that you work from home. Taking extra care about your needs, move yourself between relaxation and focus, with options of furniture available.

Even the office chair used to make us stiff! Not anymore. Make way for flexible work furniture like manual or electrically operated comfortable recliners, accent chairs and more.

At the core of all we do is the motto of ‘Creaticity Cares’, we think of not just providing something you may need, but helping you get it through encouraging prices. WFH Essentials are available at the sweet pricing of low-cost EMI packages starting from Rs 1500/- per month only. Once ordered, our team will get in touch with you at the earliest to guide you in shopping for the right furniture. The preferred product of your choice will get delivered to you within the next 48 hours.

You can select your furniture from over 100+ brands at Creaticity. We offer complete buying assistance and a safe, comfortable, seamless shopping experience through guided shopping over call and video. Once selected the products are thoroughly sanitised for safe delivery to your home.

It is time for us to align our minds and backbones in harmony and comfort, just how we align our schedules. What do you think?

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