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  • 15th June 2019

    Daddy's Day out

    Start your Father's Day celebration in advance! Come to Creaticity on Saturday, 15th June for a pre father's day bash!...

Past Events

  • 1st - 2nd June 2019

    Kids Fun Time

    Childhood brings with it all the fun that in-turn become priceless memories! S. L. A. T. E. focuses on offering young children...


    The perfect upbringing of your kids also involves imparting them values about understanding and handling money and finances. S.L.A.T.E organized...


    Creativity is best enjoyed when it allows everyone to express in more ways than one. At Creaticity, this expression of creativity is what we focus on.

  • Summer Art Club

    From 10-12 May 2019, Creaticity played host to a vibrant 3-day Summer Art Club, meant to celebrate the artists in kids. Art enthusiast kids indulged ...

  • Nrityosav

    Creaticity hosted the stunning Nrityotsav - a mega celebration of classical dance, where 29 major dance schools from the city came together.

  • Vardhaman

    On the 1st of May, many minds and hearts were touched by the inspirational life of Lord Mahaveer with Vardhaman.

  • War of Dance Schools

    On Sunday. 21st April 2019, the Creaticity Amphitheatre witnessed a mesmerising...

  • Revanta Sarabhai

    Having witnessed the finale of War of Dance Schools. the audience at the Creaticity...

  • Two Adorable Losers

    Two losers, albeit adorable ones, came together and mesmerised Pune with their...

  • #Karo Workshops

    Sundays are a great way to unwind and do something different. Creaticity made a Sunday...

  • Introductory Workshop For Theatre in Marathi

    While theatre is a popular art form, Marathi theatre has a ...

  • Winter End

    As winter bid adieu, Tilting Art Gallery at Creaticity paid tribute to the beautiful winter...

  • Milan Raga(Ranjani &Gayatri)- An Evening of rich Carnatic Music

    An evening of rich Carnatic music and an amphitheatre full of cheering...

  • The Courtesans Project - Uff Malka Jaan

    The royal courts from yesteryear have always charmed the current society.

  • An evening of music with Lou Majaw

    The north-east of India has always been full of mystique. Lou Majaw...

  • Magic and mentalism show by Amit Kalantri

    A mentalist, a magician and a man of immense talents,...

  • The Vibes Band at Creaticity

    Grove to the tunes of Rock-n-Roll, Slow Rock, Indie Pop, Blues and Bollywood,...

  • Pune Kids Fashion Walk - Grand Finale

    Kids & Parents, get ready for 16th September. Free up your calendars,...

  • Karaoke Evening

    From bathroom singing to fighting it out in Antakshari, we all are born singers.

  • Zumba Evening

    A dance form, a delightful exercise, a bonding session...

  • The Yellow Ribbon NGO & Artisan Fair 2018

    After 10 successful editions of YRNF, this year, the Ishanya Foundation...

  • Master Class by Wicked China

    As monsoons arrived in Pune, Creaticity made it a whole lot tastier for everyone!

  • Avishkar The Band Live at Creaticity

    Avishkar, a local rock band from Pune, set the stage on fire at Creaticity with their progressive blend of fusion music!

  • Summer Camp

    Instill the creative spark in your precious one, this summer!

  • Art Exhibit

    An All India Art Exhibition is currently underway at the Tilting...

  • Black & Gold with Mame Khan

    A voice unlike any other, a pull unlike any other, and an evening unlike any other. The voice of Mame Khan speaks of the raw beauty of Rajasthan and is firmly rooted in the traditions of the land.

  • Dazzle Dust - Season One

    For all those lovers of fashion, who have a keen eye for creativity and design, Dazzle Dust brought a show full of all this and more glamour!

  • Atul Khatri, Kyle Marlett, and Aditya Desai

    There were peals of laughter, there was a crowding of smiles, and there was a burst of giggles! The occasion? A highly entertaining combination of comedians and illusionists!

  • Street Art Culinary Fest

    A depiction food culture that was as unique as it was creative and as informative as it was entertaining - The Street Culinary Fest was a double treat for both, the mind and the taste buds.

  • Maha-Kathak Utsav

    The Maha-Kathal Utsav was a one-of-a-kind festival for all the art lovers and enthusiasts in Pune. The event saw some stellar performances by highly renowned artists from all...